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Amber Simonsen small headshot copy.jpeg
Amber Simonsen
Senior Consultant

Amber is a productivity consultant that believes a better work week is possible for all of us.  She provides the tools and systems so you can thrive at work, deliver incredible results for your organization, and be home for dinner. 
Amber has built her career on getting big things done as a strategic project leader across the tech, government, and aviation industries.  She's launched multimillion dollar products, led county-wide engagement sessions, managed the rebrand of a fortune 500 company, and drove the commercial project portfolio for a national merger, all the while learning how to help her team members avoid burnout.  Whether she's working with a small team or speaking at a global conference, Amber's passion for working better is infectious.  Through speaking, workshops and coaching, she helps professionals create sustained change, that spreads throughout an organization. 
When she's unplugged from work, Amber can be found taking a walk with her husband, listening to the latest happenings with her daughters, or planning their next trip.  She loves audiobooks, dark chocolate, and is a bit obsessed with paddleboarding. 

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