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Kelly Johnston

Kelly’s best moments in her career are hearing from clients that their work together led to profound, sustaining transformation as an individual or organization. Her blend of logic and empathy encourages growth, especially when it is an uncomfortable stretch.


Kelly is a trusted advisor for senior leaders in multiple sectors: government, technology, transportation, finance and healthcare. Her ability to facilitate change from the inside out (individual to organization) has led clients to credit her with the guidance and foundation they needed to sustain high performance over several years. Kelly believes transformation emerges in moments of high complexity and ambiguity and thrives in helping clients develop clarity in those moments. She works to effect change at the most systemic level possible and brings systems thinking and tools to client work.  

Kelly has a master’s degree in the science of organizational development, which combined MBA courses with graduate psychology coursework. She lives in the great Pacific NW with her two daughters and loves to hike and kayak. She serves her community as Mayor and as a Board member of the local Boys and Girls Club. Kelly builds on these experiences to inform her professional work. The intersection of various roles is a great source for her own growth.

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