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Our Team

With Clarity you know who you’re hiring. You get the senior consultants, not the associate. And we leverage a wide and experienced community to meet your needs. You get toolkits developed through years of experience as well as customized solutions. We are partners and guides, curious experts, and consultants committed to your long-term success. 

The Core

Kelly Johnston, MSOD

Kelly is a trusted advisor for senior leaders across multiple sectors.

The Community

Tom _ Low Res-2_edited.jpg
Tom Moore
Senior Consultant

Tom is an executive coach with many transformational consulting engagements.

Tracy Gibson picture
Tracy Gibson, EdD
Senior Consultant

Tracy is an engaging coach known for her creative, pragmatic and adult learning expertise

Karen Howells picture
Karen Howells
Senior Consultant

Karen uses skillful questioning, empathy and business acumen to unleash human potential in organizations.

Dr. Amy Stoeber picture
Amy King, PhD
Senior Consultant

Dr. Amy's passion is helping parents connect with children to create resilience through educating parents and training professionals.

David Koontz picture
David Koontz
Senior Consultant

David is an Agile Transition Guide for organizations wishing to explore and discover their unique path to Lean/Agile.

Amber Simonsen picture
Amber Simonsen
Senior Consultant

Amber is a productivity consultant that believes a better work week is possible for all of us.

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