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Amy King, PhD
Senior Consultant

Dr. Amy's passion is helping parents connect with children to create resilience through educating parents and training professionals. Her commitment is that every person that interacts in the life of a child is trained in how to identify childhood stress, trauma, and creating resilient, thriving families. 


Dr. Amy King is a licensed psychologist with a private practice and provides training, consultation and education to parents and professionals She works with parents and professionals to create resilient children and thriving families by training about healing stress and trauma through connected relationships. Dr. Amy was a statewide trainer for The Department of Human Services, serves as an adjunct faculty member for Portland State and has worked with Children's Health Alliance to promote wellness for children of all ages in pediatric settings. Her current work is promoting resilience within pediatric medical homes and school systems through partnership and collaboration.  


Most days, you can find Dr. Amy at her small hobby farm in Newberg, hanging out with her family, working on her garden or exploring wine country. She's passionate about volunteering to support victims of child abuse and spending time with great friends. 

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