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Growing People

Help your team perform at their best. We offer workshops designed for intact teams to build alignment and shared skills for teaming. Workshops last between 2-6 hours and can be one day or multiple days. We also offer 45-90 min talks for when you want to inspire your team. 

Here's how we help:


Team Workshops


  • Team Success: Harness the power of a team without sacrificing the strength of the individual. This workshop will provide the foundation for effective teaming. Learn the five building blocks of a successful team and practical exercises for establishing these building blocks with your team. 

  • Design Thinking: Design thinking can help you be more creative, human-centered, and team-oriented. This workshop provides a hands-on opportunity to practice design thinking approaches in your work. Combining a series of divergent and convergent exercises, we’ll help you practice a new approach to framing and solving problems.

  • Communication Styles: Team members complete individual communication styles assessments. Team members learn the difference between different styles, how to adapt to work effectively with a variety of styles and explore their own team profile. The team profile helps to identify dominant patterns within the team and the team explores ways to leverage what’s working and adjusts to allow for broader and better participation. 

  • Virtual Collaboration: Introduces a team to a series of virtual collaboration practices and tools. Team members agree on a set of customized virtual collaboration protocols to accelerate their performance while working virtually. 

  • Conflict and Decision-Making: Teams must be able to break out of groupthink and benefit from healthy conflict. Teams must also be able to minimize unhealthy conflict and use effective decision-making protocols. This workshop covers conflict styles, when to use them, the drama triangle of unhealthy conflict and how to minimize it, and the foundations for team decision-making.  

  • Culture Design: As the saying goes, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The best vision for an organization is often unimplemented because of the lack of attention to culture and the impact it plays on the overall organization system. We can work with you and your team on the rituals and practices that will best help you realize your strategy. 


Many of our course topics can also be offered as workshops. Check out our Course Catalog to learn more. 

Talks can help your team explore key topics to launch your transformation work. We provide a spectrum of inspiring and interactive talks based on the latest research in design and design thinking, learning sciences, and organizational transformation. These 45-90 min talks can provide an inspiring foundation and launch for your projects and can be combined with other services to further ground the work. We've given talks on: 

  • Designing Transformation

  • Science of Hope 

  • Learning Experience Design 

  • Digital Resilience 

  • Learning for Change 

  • Designing Virtual Culture 

Many of our course topics can also be offered as talks. Check out our Course Catalog to learn more. 


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