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Seizing Opportunity & Innovation

You see many potential opportunities for your org. And you are inspired by the innovation you see others making. You’re ready to step beyond incremental growth. But, how do you channel your team’s creative energies to take your new next step? 


We provide guidance on identifying the right opportunities for your organization and cultivating a culture of innovation to help you dynamically seize them.  


Here’s how we help: 


Opportunity Sprint: Seizing the right opportunities can best help you realize your mission and vision. We can guide you through an opportunity sprint that helps you generate the short list of opportunities for best realizing your impact. 


Rapid Prototyping: Based on our understanding of your problem and opportunity space (and inspiration from orgs), we’ll help you rapidly prototype your ideas to get them in front of your team, key stakeholders, and key customers. By making your ideas tangible, you’ll be able to see if you’re going in the right direction before investing too many resources. 


Strategic Narratives: Sometimes the best way to develop clarity and get beyond the everyday is to tell a new story about what’s possible. Using story, visioning methods, and the tools of science fiction, we’ll help you imagine a new and compelling way for you to bring value to the world.  


Innovation Studio: There are many different ways to innovate in your current work. Based on your problem and opportunity space, we’ll help you focus on potentially innovating the ways you work, the products you offer, and/or the experience you provide customers and then provide creative exercises and methods to dream and execute big.  


Design Sprint: The best way to know if your ideas are going to work is to get them out into the world. We’ll help you map your challenge and opportunity space, sketch potential solutions, decide on what solutions to test out in the world, prototype a solution, and then test that solution with real users. 


Ready to find your new next step?

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