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Building Virtual Culture

You’ve made a sudden and unplanned shift to working virtually. And, the virtual work world is here to stay. We can help you maximize this opportunity and become a stronger leader in the process.  
Organizations that want to maximize their performance in the virtual world need a strong portfolio of skills and tools. We want to build your capability for the virtual space so you are not continually reliant on external consultants or simply patching together previous in-person approaches for virtual meetings. 
Here’s how we help: 


  • Designing and facilitating effective virtual meetings: We’ll help you identify the purpose of your meetings and then the tools to help you facilitate them. At each point, we’ll fully utilize the resources you’ve already invested in. Overall, we’ll train your team on how to design a virtual meeting that equals or exceeds the collaboration and productivity of the physical conference room.  

  • Virtual talent management: Managers need to know how to on-board new employees in a fully virtual world, how to recreate the positive aspects of “water cooler” connections, how to manage remote performance, and how to develop and sustain a connected and aligned virtual team. We can work with your HR team, a management group, or through 1:1 coaching to help devise solutions that work for your organization. 

  • Staying connected in a virtual environment: Whether you’re delivering a presentation or managing a team or an individual contributor, human connection is vital to your effectiveness. We provide tips, tricks, and tools for keeping the human touch in a digital environment.


  • Virtual collaboration tools: Working virtually doesn’t have to be a poor approximation of in-person collaboration. With the right tools and design, your online collaboration can be more effective and efficient. We can introduce you to a set of practices and tools that accelerate performance and utilize synchronous and asynchronous work time effectively.  


Ready to thrive virtually?

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