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Designing Growth & Change

Hoping to transform your organization to best realize meaningful impact? We bring the expertise needed to guide you through systemic changes where you need to balance authority and influence. When the opportunity is complex, dynamic, and involves partners across your organization, we provide the consultation to help you move out of traditional problem-solving approaches to lead truly transformational change.  
We partner with you through each step of the change process, from building awareness to anchoring the change, from classifications to culture.  
We bring a combination of tools and theories to designing change: 

  • Prosci Certification and methods for leading the people side of change 

  • Systems Thinking Principles for finding the points of change that will have the greatest impact 

  • Learning Experience Design to ensure we’re building lasting capability across your teams

  • Appreciative Inquiry Approaches that emphasize and build on the strengths already embedded in your organization 

  • Liberating Structures to challenge and confront existing patterns of power and exclusion to ensure that all levels of the organization and partners of diverse backgrounds can participate in meaningful ways 


Here's how we help: 


  • Build Your Coalition: we’ll help you identify the key people you need to lead the work 

  • Map the System: understand the system you’re operating in. Identify key places of leverage within the system, knowing these aren’t normally the obvious solutions. 

  • Prototype Rapidly: learn how to test and apply learning to create momentum 

  • Identify Proxies for Impact: communicate the vision for change that enrolls people to join you 

  • Build Capacity: sustaining transformational, systemic change requires capacity. We’ll help you build it within your organization.  


Ready to transform your organization?

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