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Developing Leaders

Want to accelerate your organization’s performance? Invest in your leaders.  
Leadership quality sets most successful organizations apart. Leaders that ruthlessly attend to their own blind spots while compassionately pushing others to perform at their best can lead organizations to great heights. Leaders need pragmatic self-awareness, commitment to improvement, and a skill set that encompasses everything from influence, to strategic thinking, to compassion. Leaders must also be able to instill routine practices that generate psychological safety, guide effective team decision-making, and calibrate strategies and goals for current needs.  
We provide customized leadership development for organizations. We have an extensive toolkit to build on, so your organization receives development tailored for your specific needs. Our expertise in learning and human-centered design ensures a high-quality learning experience. We weave development work related to identity, power, diversity and inclusion into all of our leadership development offerings and strive to model practices of equity and inclusion as we deliver these services within your organization.  
Here's how we help: 

  • Executive Coaching: We provide individual coaching that focuses on helping you effectively meet your business challenges. Coaching combines feedback with practical tools in a structured conversation for growth. Our topics cover the gamut of critical leadership skills, including leadership clarity and self-awareness, motivating teams, interpersonal skills, managing competing priorities, communication skills, decision-making (and decision-making bias) and delegation. Our standard coaching package is 8 60-minute coaching sessions with assessments and feedback approaches included.


       Coaching is a confidential engagement. We provide you with a sounding board to work through

       your gnarliest challenges knowing the conversation will be kept in the highest.         

       confidence. Some sample titles of people we have coached include: Chief Communications

       Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Deputy Director, Chief Technology

       Officer, Chief Executive Officer, VP Finance, FP&A, Operations Manager, Assistant Secretary,

       Senior Director, Operations Chief. Sectors we have provided coaching for include: Health and

       Human Services, Technology, Transportation, Regulation and Learning/Education 


  • Learning Design: We bring deep expertise to designing an effective learning experience. We can help you design your leadership development offerings using principles of learning methodology, transference/application, and inclusion to ensure all of your employees experience well-designed and useful development.  


  • Trainings: We provide a number of trainings. Our trainings are highly interactive and engaging, even when conducted virtually. Depending on the topic, the training could run 2 hours or 2 days. We emphasize practical application and help participants understand when and how to use what they learn in the workplace. We provide trainings in leadership, productivity, interpersonal skills, leading teams and leading meetings. Check out our course catalog to learn more. 


  • Workshops: Wanting to infuse fresh perspectives into your work and unleash the creativity of your teams? Our workshops are designed for intact teams and can be a great way to develop shared skills and help your teams see challenges in new ways. Workshop length is adjusted to meet your needs. Check out our course catalog to learn more. 


Ready to accelerate performance?

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